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Down Home Blues Guitar: Acoustic Fingerpicking HQ

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Life by the Drop Tab and Lesson

September 2, 2010


Life by the Drop is a mean sounding blues, especially on the 12-string. Try this one using the chord shapes instead of just the two-note chords in the video.  This is a pretty easy one, but sounds really good. Down load the tab here. Simply the Best Fingerpicking Manual for Country Blues Guitar  

Exclusive Interview With Jim Bruce

August 12, 2010


Very few people have mastered fingerstyle blues guitar like Jim Bruce.  His timing and phrasing are impeccable.  Born in Sheffield, England. Jim Bruce has traveled the world, living and working in Paris, the USA, Germany, and Denmark.  Jim is one of the few master guitarists who is also a talented teacher. Jim was kind enough [...]

Robert Johnson Beats the Devil?

April 25, 2010


Here’s some brief footage of someone who looks just like Robert Johnson. The footage was filmed in 1942. Johnson died in 1938. The film was brought to light by a gentleman known as Tater Red, who had a kickin’ radio show in Memphis for a while. He owns a shop where he sells voodoo stuff [...]

Review: Taylor Big Baby Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

March 30, 2010


This one’s a keeper. The Taylor Big Baby is all Taylor. They didn’t cut any corners when they made this quality guitar. OK,  so it’s not all solid wood, but the top is, and it sounds superb.  Not bad for 450 bucks. It’s a cut down 15/16 model, so it’s great for players with smaller [...]

Guitar Lesson: David Bromberg Teaches Cocaine Blues

March 18, 2010


Here’s Mr. David Bromberg performing Cocaine Blues.  Then he takes the time to break it down and teach it.  This is fabulous stuff.  The rolls he uses are incredible.  Notice that his fingers never leave his hands.  Take your time on this one.  It’s slicker than snot on a doorknob.